Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers

Bill wrote:
Wow! Really astounding, both photo and poem. Thanks!

Cookie wrote:
Nice. A different "point" of view. : )

Marina wrote:
What an eloquent rendering of what thorns represent – thank you. I sometimes attribute personality differences to those who are “thorns” versus those who are more flower-like. Could it be though that we can choose to be one or the other depending on what the situation calls for?


I was surprised by this poem prayer. I’d started writing about flowers and blossoms, but I’d been photographing and getting pricked by the Agave plants across the street from where we’d been staying in Austin, Texas. That got me thinking like a thorn.

Yes, Marina, we are not thorns all the time, or rocks, or islands, or turtles, or clams. We can break out of our shells, soften our thick skins, build bridges to the mainland. In part, I was thinking here of police, who can become hardened into thorns.

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