Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers, and the Author's Response

Larry wrote:
Did you do it as a monochrome? Good work!

Mary wrote:
You are on a roll with the ice, salt, water on metal/glass photographs. I see matches, burned and lighted, along with the stars falling.
[Here in Texas] one more week of cold -- the redbuds are in bloom, the mountain laurel purple clumped heads are waving in the wind.

Shari wrote:
Danny, you may only be the photographer but I would certainly like to meet who's guiding your vision. I almost don't want to know what the picture is so my imagination can play with it. Thank you.

Kathy wrote:
I love this Danny - Love the photo and love this:
why do I see stars falling,
their seeds buried bright,
earth welcoming heaven?

I also love that about photography - how we can see the beauty and/or something interesting everywhere we look. If we just stop and look. So cool. Thank you.

Alex wrote:
I must admit, I can't see anything in this photo visually that creates an association. Is my brain limited in ability, or do I lack visual experience? Sometimes the most intelligent answer in life is to not have an answer. OK, that was my best attempt at fortune cookie wisdom!

Pat wrote:
Danny, I sent a photographer friend your beautifully interesting prayer poem "Seeing Things". Thought you'd like to see her response.
"That pic is AWESOME Pat!!! Someone told me recently that I see things that others don't - I do believe as photographers we are given a special ability to see things others may pass by. We are always looking at our surroundings in "picture" style!! Like yesterday - I was showing a friend and her mom the lens I am renting this month and how it can make a simple bunch of pine cones look amazing - I turned around - took a pic and it is truly beautiful! I am at awe at God's painting of this earth - and grateful that I am able to capture a tiny piece of it with my camera. I think that is what this photographer feels as well!"

The Author Responds:
Thanks for your comments on my second salted car photo in two weeks. It was shot in color, but converted to black and white. Not much conversion was needed — the car was black with white salt on it.
When I see something like dried salt on cars and photograph it, I wonder how much credit I get for the finished image. It is like taking a photo of a finished painting: someone else did the painting, all I did was photograph it. The hard part was finding this one composition among so many in the parking lots I visit. Those parking lots are like art galleries!
ALEX: I love your frank confession of not associating my image with anything else. I often see one think looking like another. Your brain and mine must be wired differently. No doubt your thinking is clearer than mine, I perceive so many things ambiguously.