Photo Prayer 2023-06 — Open Heart Surgery

After open heart surgery yesterday, my friend is doing well, thank God! Even at 84, he was fit enough to qualify for the procedure, perhaps because he has been a runner and a distance walker. At the same time, I pray for all those not doing well after their surgeries, and those not even fit enough to qualify, who are running out of options. And if I thank God for the doctors, nurses, and all who support them, not forgetting the pencil pushers and bean counters who make Medicare and health insurance possible, I recognize that many do not have these professional services, imperfect as they are. And if my friend has a positive attitude, if he is embracing the future whatever it brings, if he is willing to adapt, if he continues to be charming and funny, if he is surrounded by family and friends, thank God! At the same time, I pray for all those who are not like my friend, those who are pessimists, those who avoid thinking about the future, who protest every change, who are irascible and irritating, and who have few close friends — people perhaps a bit like me. God help us to change!

Photo of hospital examination room.
Photo copyright 2014; text, 2023 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Sybil wrote:
A timely picture indeed as I go off for my first chemotherapy this morning at the age of 85, for lung cancer. As you say supporters, family, friends are such a help to keep spirits up. I’m practicing “let go and let God” since I have no control anyhow. God has held me for many years, so I seek to trust in that. I grieve for any who are alone and or with little support and resources. I know I am privileged! Thank you for your words and heart!

Mark wrote:
Fantastic prayer. Later, when I have some time to write more, I'll tell you about my heart attack and open heart surgery in 2016.

Linda wrote:
Thanks for your beautiful words and the photo. I’m facing knee replacement surgery soon, and will keep your prayers in mind as I receive help and treatment from a team of dedicated medical professionals. I’m doing physical therapy and also my yoga stretches, and will continue after the knee replacement. It’s reassuring to know that I’m in good hands—on earth and in heaven. ❤️🙏

Ellen wrote:

Audrey wrote:

John wrote:
Thanks, Danny. Ironically, I just came home with my wife from her cataract surgery. Words to ponder, and things to be thankful for and to pray for.

Ellen wrote:
I really liked what you wrote - and all of it true and good to remember and be grateful for - for Jack and for each of us. The photograph at the start was perfect - and sort of anxiety-producing for all of us who don’t like to go to doctors… I guess for all of us of a certain age!

Pamela wrote:
Wonderfully said Danny!

Anne wrote:
Bless you for this thoughtful photo prayer that reminds us that the good and less than good news of life. Life is filled with the faithfulness of friends who care.

Ernestine wrote:
Danny, that is a beautiful reflection and message. We all need to be positive about our own lives and always consider the sufferings of others. I feel that how we treat and think of others has an impact on us and them. I'm glad your friend is doing well and that is through the grace of our Lord and Savior and caring friends like you. We all need to pray daily for those who are suffering in body, mind and spiritually. Peace, Love and Blessings 🙏😘❤️

Cookie wrote:
I think gratitude helps us heal.

Nicole wrote:

Anne wrote:

Anne wrote:
Dan….. thank God he is doing well. I pray he gets back to do what he always likes to do - running and cooking in the kitchen.

Roberta wrote:
I love the last two sentences. ❤️ 😊

Donna wrote:
I’m glad your friend is ok. So scary. Beautifully said. 🌺

Bernadette wrote:

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