Photo Prayer 2023-05 -- The Eyes See

The eyes see but the mind does not. It was not until much later, looking closer at this photo, that I saw that all these flags are not blowing in the same direction. While a strong east wind blows most of them to the right, a strong west wind blows one to the left. Remarkable! My eyes saw this. That is why I took the photo, even though my slow mind did not yet comprehend why. I often take photos not knowing why. I have learned to trust my rabbit eyes even when my turtle mind does not yet comprehend what my eyes are seeing. If you understand this — how the eyes can see while the mind does not yet comprehend — then you will understand me when I say that I wish I trusted my heart as much as I do my eyes.

Photo of flags at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC just before it snowed.
Photo and text copyright 2023 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Ernestine wrote:
Thank you Danny, when I looked at the picture, I did see the one flag blowing in the opposite direction before I read your comments. That is strange and perhaps God in His infinite wisdom wanted you to understand that the wind blows differently for all of us and to see His hand at work because although we are different, we are still all alike in His eyes. Peace and Blessings to you 🙏🙏😘

Rosemary wrote:
❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Peggy wrote:
Love your Rabbit, March Hare, eyes on this first day of March! My vision these days feeds my soul with all the wondrous fleeting moments of light, shadow and flight as the world turns each day and the sun moves across the sky. You’re so right about the continuous show that can be absorbed later in contemplation. Guess March came in like a Hare this year not a lamb or lion!

Sybil wrote:
A remarkable picture. Too many times we focus on a certain important (we think) while missing so many others!

Bill wrote:
Good one. But sometimes our eyes deceive us. See “20 must-see optical illusions” here: Can the heart be deceived? If so, how can we tell?

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