Photo Prayer 2021-33 - A Living Stream

I like this photo of a couple walking away from the Washington Monument just after sunset. It is how my wife and I must have looked just a few seconds earlier, these two now stepping where we two stepped, where so many have stepped and will yet step. It is this stream of the living I see, a stream that gives life to the monuments and museums, to all the otherwise dead institutions we create, a stream that joins other streams that then separate and form new streams, now rushing, now meandering, now sitting quietly above a waterfall. God help us as we tumble!

Photo of a couple walking away from the Washington Monument just after sunset in Washington, D.C.
Image copyright 2016; text, 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Tom wrote:
Tumble and stumble.

Nancy wrote:
The image of a tumbling waterfall is definitely not serene for me; perhaps that is why I have always enjoyed sitting below watching the water tumble down… I totally agree that we need prayers for tumbling down. It also seems like sitting below is dodging all that goes with tumbling down…. Thanks Danny for the images; the photo is lovely....

Elaine wrote:
My favorite town! Love your insight Danny with this photo and prayer. Thank you!

Julie wrote:
. . . and who knows what's just around that next bend in the river?

Bernadette wrote:
BEAUTIFUL including the musing. Thank You for writing & sharing!

Stephanie wrote:
I like this photograph. Especially the pinkness of the sunset and the long shadows of the couple. Something we can look at with wonder in the here and now as we contemplate that we have only a brief time in the stream of life on this planet. We could do worse than create monuments that aspire to greatness even as we pray for grace as we head over that waterfall.


Craig wrote:
Great shot! Handheld? [DANNY REPLIED: Yes, hand-held iPhone, post-processed in Photoshop.]

Kathleen wrote:
You must realize how inadequate some of us feel upside your amazing talent for photography, sensing and seeing so deeply, and writing about it so elegantly, expressing profound thoughts or seeing things in ways that wouldn't occur to many of us. [DANNY REPLIED: And you must realize how inadequate I feel. No photo or prayer goes out without me feeling it is a shadow of what a real photographer or a real writer would have shared.]

Nina wrote:
Very poetic.

Jeanne wrote:
Absolutely beautiful!!!

David wrote:
Of course I love your photographs, but most envious of your taking advantage of the beautiful night.

Beatrice wrote:
Well said! [DANNY REPLIED: Thanks, Beatrice! Unlike what I am writing in this comment, I have found that it is possible to write something well if you spend a few hours working at it.]

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