Photo Prayer 2021-34 -- Buried Yesterday

He was buried yesterday at Arlington National Cemetery with music by two bands in uniform, a flag-draped horse-drawn cassion, guns firing, and full military honors. He had been serving on the island of Guam in 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and soon overran the island he defended. All of World War II he was held prisoner, for awhile in Hiroshima, but he did not die there. He came home, had children, and raised his daughter’s daughter as his own. She and thirty others were there yesterday to honor him, having flown across the continent. Today, she joined us to see the sights, the monuments to greatness. His story, not the stones, is what touched me.

Photo of a woman looking east from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.
Image and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Lynn wrote:
Thanks for that special story. [DANNY REPLIED: Boiling a person’s life down to a few sentences does not always work well. Glad it worked here!]

Elizabeth wrote:
What a story of survival! It shows us there is hope, even in the most dire circumstances--a lesson for all of us. [DANNY REPLIED: Always hope? Yes, you and I as Christians, at our best, have faith that all will be well, that somehow the bad will be redeemed, even the worst.]

Dennis wrote:
A lovely post Danny. "His story, not the stones, is what touched me.” Oh, how I wish I wrote that. [DANNY REPLIED: High praise coming from a writer whose work I often admire!]

Kathy wrote:
That’s a beautiful tribute .

Elaine wrote:
A very moving story indeed. Thank you Danny.

Roberta wrote:

Julie wrote:
Lovely tribute, Danny. Just lovely.

Sybil wrote:
The power of the granite wall beside her
the vulnerability and smallness of the woman,
The view stretching out before her,
holding hope and a promise....

Alice wrote:
You have incorporated a moving story along with your photo. Bravo!


Melissa wrote:
Is that Barbara? [DANNY REPLIED: Good eye, Lissa!]

Craig wrote:
Really nice shot Danny. [DANNY REPLIED: You comment means a lot, coming as it does from a professional photographer.]

Michele wrote:
BEAUTIFUL!!! [DANNY REPLIED: You are working in D.C., yes? Getting a different view of the nation's capital than this one.]

Lois wrote:

Delia wrote:
I’m so glad you were able to spend time together!! Especially since it wasn’t working for me to see you in Connecticut! [DANNY REPLIED: You must have had a wild ride flying back through the remnants of Hurricane Ida.]

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