Photo Prayer 2021-08 -- Japanese Maple Mathematics

One tree with four trunks or four trees that grew up together? From one seed or four? My thoughts are unseasonably, unreasonably mathematical. Come spring, thousands of seeds will helicopter down, just as they have for decades, long before I arrived on the scene. I am slow to learn. After the seeds, red leaves will spread across the sky, grabbing the sunshine. Uncountable points of light will find their way through the shifting canopy. I will close my eyes and listen.

Photo of four Japanese maple tree trunks, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Bernadette wrote:
BEAUTIFUL-- I love it! This photo's a work of art but the prose brings it vibrantly to life, puts the leaves on the tree the color in the sky; allows the mind to pause & savor! Thank you!

Julie wrote:
Great photo, great words.

David wrote:

John wrote:
Wow! Riveting photo and very thoughtful prayer! Don’t know how you keep these coming!! I’m grateful.

Anne wrote:
Wow! What a great reminder how we are to connect and support one another!

Hugh wrote:
Wonderful image and insights.

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