Photo Prayer 2021-09 — Finding Grace

I do not say we can find wonderful everywhere, but I do say there is no telling where we may find it. Last week while walking, I found a resplendent piece of sidewalk. Take a look! Isn’t it stunning? Especially that bold river of water, now dry, that once flowed through salt? The remarkable does not appear on demand. It is like grace. We do not find grace everywhere but there is no telling where it will find us — perhaps today — perhaps in the coming hour. If there is delight to be had, will we recognize it? If there is grace to be welcomed, will we throw open the door and embrace it? I am busy with the task at hand. Even so . . .

Photo of road salt, sand, dirt, and gravel on the sidewalk outside an assisted-living facility.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Joseph wrote:
Thank you Danny ... you bring joy, peace and consideration into every day. God bless you and yours… hope to see you in St. Michaels this summer. Stay safe and well.

Kerry wrote:
Lovely and so true!

Larry wrote:
Excellent, both photo and text.

Anne wrote:
I especially like this photo and the accompanying prayer. Keep up your great work!

John wrote:
Wow!! Danny, I love the photo and your prayer, poetic riff on it. And I particularly like how you use the word “remarkable” and the way you link Grace with “the remarkable.”. I’m copying a friend with whom I’ve been discussing broadly the idea that God, grace or “the remarkable” do not, in your words, “appear on demand” (or on any timetable we might expect/desire).

Hugh wrote:
Ah, the wonders that wise water makes! {NOTE: Hugh paints in watercolors}

Julie wrote:
A lovely musing, and the photo reminds me of a Martian landscape.

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