Photo Prayer 2021-24 -- Seeing and Seeking

Our eyes have minds of their own, beyond our conscious control. What appeals, what attracts, knows neither reason nor discipline. Advertisers depend on it, as do professional attention-grabbers pursuing their agendas. Even so, the process is essentially mysterious, beyond their control as well as ours. I want to say our souls, too, have minds of their own. We seek before we know what we are seeking. Our spirits turn in a moment. There is good to be found, but where? We make mistakes but then our hearts find and flood with an answering joy — pure, clean, and true. We are made whole. Everything fits. This is who we would be always, a longing to treasure, a call we would answer for the rest of our lives.

Photo of a scene that caught my eyes, a green blanket and a blue robe on a butterscotch leather sofa.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Audrey wrote:
You’re deep🦎

Stephanie wrote:
Texture, shape, color, placement, space, lines. All of the elements of a piece of art. And what is art? Reminds me of Gerhard Richter's quote, “Art is the highest form of hope.”

Burley wrote:
You can imagine where my eyes were seeing and seeking — I first saw the butterscotch sofa as a beautiful woman's skin!

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