Photo Prayer 2021-23 — Airline Disasters

I confess! Lately I relax by watching episodes of “Airline Disasters” on the Smithsonian Channel. The plight of the crew and passengers is oddly calming, certainly engaging. The terrified travelers, even the pilots, take time to pray as they tumble from the sky. Few prayers are answered. Miracles happen but, with the word “disaster” in the show’s title, happy endings are not expected. Yet every show ends on a positive note. Safety inspectors analyze every accident. Improvements are made. Flying in jetliners gets safer every year. In the U.S., going by air, per mile traveled, is nine times safer than by bus, seventeen times safer than by rail, and 1,606 times safer than by car. If you are going to pray for divine protection, do so before you get behind the wheel. Who knows? I may be driving at you in a daydream, my thoughts on the nature of redemption, my mind all but detached from my eyeballs, me oblivious to the on-coming warning signs.

Photo of concentric rainbows — a “glory” — centered on an airliner’s shadow, the shadow of its contrail a straight line to the right.
Photo copyright 2012 and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Audrey wrote:
WoW Danny, WoW ❣️🪶🦎🌝✨🙃

Burley wrote:
Danny: Thanks for another good photo-prayer. I look forward to getting them every week.

Kathy wrote:
Cool picture. I’m quite interested to see what responses appear.

Stephanie wrote:
Who knows indeed. The mind vs eyeball connection is tenuous at best. I do really like this photograph. In itself, it is a calming image. Such beauty in the world seen from a higher altitude. Two thoughts: Oh how wonderful it would be to fly and experience the joy of being free from gravity. I have read that we all have an atavistic desire for flight. Secondly: There is a "rainbow" circle in the photo. Probably the refraction of camera lens and airplane glass window but I like to think it's creation's eyeball.

James wrote:
TRUE CONFESSIONS – love those terrified travelers, eh? Count me in as a newly terrified car driver. Since I have begun to again commute to Center City of Philadelphia 1-2 times a week, I realize now how dangerous it is, something I previously ignored. Many drive dangerously – texting, eating, coffee, changing lanes rapidly at high speeds (well over 90 MPH) and it is common to be delayed by accidents, bad wrecks by the side of the road – or in the middle of it. Yikes!

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