Photo Prayer 2021-17 -- Bird House

When I was young, trash went in the trash. Then I changed. Old, I could no longer throw away an empty pen or jar, tattered clothes or broken tools — even a used tissue  — without recognizing its faithful quiet service. I would lovingly photograph each thing before it was tossed, putting the images into a huge folder called “Parting Shots”, into an art exhibit and into a book. Then there was this old bird house. Decrepit as it was, I could not throw it away. It had too much character. So I put it in an archival acrylic cube with a handsome hardwood base to honor and preserve it. When I died, I left that old thing to my perplexed relative who even now does not know where to put it. And me? I suppose you’d say I am resurrected, lovingly preserved in a house with many rooms. The Landlord, it seems, could not bear to see me thrown away. And I have many companions — perhaps, one day, you.

Photo of an old bird house with an artificial bird, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Sybil wrote:
Amen. Pure delight!
[DANNY REPLIED: In reality, I do not photograph everything before tossing it in the trash. I do not have 10,000 photos in a folder or on exhibit or in a book. I have not died yet. That said, I have researched the price of archival acrylic boxes and I like the idea of willing this birdhouse to some nephew who won’t know what to do with it.]

D-L wrote:

MaryAnne wrote:
Love this thank you

Tom wrote:
Wow, a handsome photo and a commentary with an O'Henry ending. You're groovin', Danny!
[DANNY REPLIED: As it turns out, Tom, I have a personal connection to O’Henry. I won a first-place trophy at the first annual O’Henry Pun Off in Austin, Texas in 1978. O’Henry lived in Austin and was even in the choir at Saint David’s Episcopal Church where, many years later, I served on the Vestry and was later on staff. O’Henry served three years in prison for embezzling an Austin bank. I am not following in his footsteps.]

Royster wrote:
Danny, a wonderful reflective complement to "Bird House" is to remember that tomorrow is Ascension Day. Jesus left us with work to do, with the gift of the Holy Spirit's presence, and with with the promise that God, at all times holds us in God's almighty hands. Forward Day by Day's website has a lovely Order of Morning Prayer to Ascension Day. See:

Marti wrote:
This is another one of yours that’s a “favorite” of mine, Danny! Thank you!

Lynn wrote:
Although your message perplexed me, I really liked the image, which seemed to capture a fleeting moment, so I was a little disappointed to learn that it was a fake bird.

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