Photo Prayer 2021-16 — Houses, People, God

Unexpected, distinctive, full of character, idiosyncratic — those adjectives describe where I want to live and the people I want to be around. So here I am in Arden, Delaware, the more fool I, where every house is different, occupied by free thinkers, theater people, and chemical engineers. Next to our village, someone built a subdivision where every house is the same. Elitist that I am, the place gives me the willies. When did I become such a snob? Even if they are uniform, the dwellings are well built and continue to be lovingly maintained sixty-five years on. I have gotten to know some of the residents and — guess what? — they are just as quirky as my neighbors. Since we are all made by the same maker, how could it be otherwise? I will let the theologians decide, but such diversity suggests a surprising God — unexpected, distinctive, full of character, and idiosyncratic, a deity who leaves the 99 to search for the one.

Photo of red objets d'art in the front yard of a Clair Manor subdivision home, New Castle County, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Emily wrote:

Christina wrote:
As always, I love the pairing of you pix and texts! 😊

Pamela wrote:
How fabulous! It’s so true that we are all different and can be very interesting.

Alice wrote:
Absolutely love the sentiments in this photo prayer (and the picture is quite striking as well).

Elaine wrote:
Danny, I love the way you turn your everyday observations into such beautiful prayers. Thank you, thank you!

Hugh wrote:
Great point. Thanks!

Jeannie wrote:
Love this photo and your observant, tender words.

Ellen wrote:
Is this actually an Arden house? [Danny replied: It could be an Arden house but is not. This house is in a neighboring subdivision where every house is like every other house, except where owners have personalized theirs.]

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