Photo Prayer 2021-12 — I Could Not Imagine

When my life went to pieces, it was as though my friends formed a circle around me, held hands and prayed. I felt blessed by them and by God. Even so, I was miserable, shattered. I could not imagine all the good coming my way. I could not imagine that the stonemason of my soul was even then picking up the fragments of my life and arranging them into something better than before. Why did I feel so hopeless, so discouraged, when, in fact, so much good was coming my way? Now, at 74, I confess to fearing old age and death. But I can also say that the better part of me eagerly anticipates the impending transition, that all the good coming our way is more than we can imagine.

Photo of flagstones being laid at Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2017; text, 2021; by Danny N. Schweers.

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Kerry wrote:
Love the way the image and the prayer work together! Lovely thoughts Danny.

Marti wrote:
Since I am relating to this somewhat right now, I personally see “I Could Not Believe” as one of my favorites of yours! The symbolism is spot-on, though I would never have “seen” it if you hadn’t shared it! Thank you, Danny!

Alice wrote:
A wonderful message for today's world.

Donna wrote:
Beautiful Danny! Always so inspiring.😃

Bernadette wrote:
WOW-this is Wonderful!! Thank you.

Anne wrote:
Danny, one of your best – and a great reminder that we’re always surrounded by love – always.

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