Photo Prayer 2021-11 — Just Wondering

We who would dwell in wonder are never far from new conundrums to ponder. Just the other day — Saint Patrick’s Day — I stood in front of a child-size plastic brontosaurus while the MOL Glide, a container ship, steamed up-river to Philadelphia before sailing on to Halifax and Rotterdam. Most people would dismiss this temporary juxtaposition of man, empty playground, and full cargo ship as a meaningless coincidence, but we who would dwell in wonder take in the confluence of signs — the lack of children playing, the surplus of shipping — and wonder. Is my life out of balance? Too little play? Too much work? And what about you? Just wondering.

Photo of a playscape brontosaurus and the container ship MOL Glide at Fox Point State Park, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Lynn wrote:
Now and then I save one of these that speaks to me. This was a keeper. I am photojournalist — I like images that tell a story. Beautiful is fine, but meaningful is better.

John wrote:
Loved this one Danny. Particularly the first line. I’m still pondering it and I intend to keep pondering it!!

Tom wrote:
Great black and white; and while you're speaking of coincidences, how about that ominous sky over the container ship? I thought immediately of the much larger ship blocking the Suez Canal. Images do that. They connect disparate experiences immediately.

Mark wrote:
Funny! What immediately went through my mind was that skyscraper-sized cargo ship currently stuck and blocking the Suez Canal. Definitely life out of balance!

Jim wrote:
I like the “…we who would dwell in wonder….” Work – yes – sometimes I too wonder why I work, if I should, what is the right amount – but have not got a final answer!

Marti wrote:
Thanks for your most recent photo. I liked it a lot!

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