Photo Prayer 2021-06 -- No Mail Today
with guest photo by Jeffrey Rubin

The flag is down. The whole box is down! No mail today. What would happen, I wonder, if we did not put it back up? People do without mail all the time. The weirdos! Not us. Leaning at an angle perhaps, a slapdash fix perhaps, but the next day our mailbox is erect again, waiting for the couriers who are “stayed neither by snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness” as Herodotus wrote of them in 430 BC. Yes, we are part of a self-healing social organism that survives even after we do not. Yet it is our words and the thoughts behind them that endure. In the beginning was the Word. After that, the mailbox was inevitable.

Photo by guest photographer Jeffrey Rubin of a mailbox knocked down in the snow.
Photo copyright 2021 by Jeffrey Rubin, ; text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Roberta wrote:
One of my favorite groups of your words. 😊

Peggy wrote:
Agreed! Just listening to the Postal Service hearings in Congress right now!! Shoveled out my box about an hour ago. Thanks for your photo prayers.

Bernadette wrote:
I LOVE this, Danny! I so REALLY LOVED the Picasso one too, as the girl in front of it complemented it so well! (as well as your prose). The mailbox one is so topical right now as Jerry and I just had a conversation about it last night and he'd checked the mail at least 3x yesterday. Thanks so much for these!

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