Photo Prayer 2021-05 -- Footprints In The Snow

A friend and I once trailed a thief, following his footprints in the snow as he visited one driveway after another, trying the doors of the parked cars, searching for unlocked valuables. Finally he found an unlocked van and, in it, keys. There his footprints ended. This is the world we live in. People without keys are trying the doors, hoping to find some unlocked. Knock, we are told, and it shall be opened; everyone who asks, receives; seek, and you shall find. Let us who have been welcomed, welcome others. We who have been answered, answer others. We who have found, leave clues.

Photo collage of a thief’s footprints in the snow, Arden, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2003; text, 2021, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ernestine wrote:
Amen, beautiful truth.

Connie wrote:
The sky in this photograph is so beautiful, so pure blue above the clouds. And yes, God is always first, whether we know it or not.

Donna wrote:
You have such thought-provoking posts. And of course the photos are beautiful 😻 Thank u!

Ellyn wrote:
Didn’t know you were a sleuth too! Love this pic and call to “leave clues.” Love you Danny for the sharing of your wisdom in a thought provoking visual way.

Tom wrote:
What a great photo and message, Danny. That's the seed for a whole sermon.

Sybil wrote:
Leave clues. Amen.

Burley wrote:
Thanks for another Photo prayer. When I first moved to Arden with three other bachelors, we never locked our doors. And never had any intrusions, other than the squirrels. Now that my wife and I are in a retirement community, we don't lock our doors, I don't worry about our neighbors in wheel chairs robbing our little apartment. Getting older has some nice tradeoffs.

Pamela wrote:
A good message. Thanks.

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