Photo Prayer 2020-45 -- Moved

Last Friday I grudgingly put off my slippers and put on my shoes. I drove downtown and joined others in what was grandiloquently called a Walk for Justice and Peace. Afterwards, having walked, I cannot argue that there is now more justice or peace than when we started, yet the experience was surprisingly satisfying. I want to do it again next month and invite others to join us. We put our feet down, one step after another. We moved. We laid claim to the city and it welcomed us as its own. It was inspiring. We moved and were moved.

Photo of concluding prayers at a Walk for Justice and Peace, Wilmington, Delaware.
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Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Peter wrote:
I was very interested in hearing your experience of this. I don’t plan to join you, but am happy you all are doing it.
DANNY REPLIED: My experience at this Walk for Justice and Peace, once I thought about it, was mystical, at least in the sense of connecting to a whole city and having the city welcome me. Shall I also say it was physical, me needing to be there in person, my feet on the pavement? I assume the relationship of the physical to the mystical is one often written about, the authors talking about how to hold one’s body in prayer and meditation, but also the physicality of pilgrimage. If people have written about the latter, I do not know their writings, not that I have done a lot of looking.

D-L wrote:
Lovely. Thank you, Danny. Unfortunately, I spent all day doing stewardship followup and at 5:00 needed to just go home.... see you next month.
DANNY REPLIED: In our over-scheduled, over-flowing society, I wonder that anyone has time for anything out of the ordinary. Add to that something new that I call COVID Laziness Syndrome, the need to take extra naps coupled with the feeling that one is forever wading hip-deep in mucky waters.

Royster wrote:
Sometimes, when we just show up -- whether out of curiosity, obligation, or ........ -- God shows up in us. And new things are born -- beginnings, thoughts, relationships. The Holy Spirit blows where she will and we can all be amazed and in awe. Thanks be to God!
All the best!
--A fellow walker in a different Wilmington (North Carolina).
DANNY REPLIED: Looking back on my 70+ years, I am amazed. In awe. So many friends and places and situations. At my best, I give glory to God.

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