Photo Prayer 2020-44 -- The Task Demands It

Brother against brother is not the first story in the first book of the Bible. Cain and Able don’t make their murderous debut until chapter four. The twin-against-twin story has to wait until chapter 25 when, from birth, Jacob and Esau vie for preference, a conflict that will against all odds eventually end in peace and reconciliation. Split a piece of wood and you will see the patterns mirrored exactly left and right. You and I may prefer one hand rather than the other but, when the task demands it, we use both hands. We are that smart! Why, we have even been known, when the task demands it, to ask for a helping hand. We love to think of ourselves as self-sufficient, independent, and free, but we aren’t stupid. When there’s a ship to sail, it’s all hands on deck.

Photo of split wood.
Photo copyright 2017; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Bernadette wrote:
LOVE this!! Thank you!

John wrote:
Great thought, beautiful image - perfect!

Donna wrote:
Thank you, Danny! Beautiful! May we find peace and harmony from above,

Tom wrote:
Marvelous image and message Danny! Especially relevant in these times.

Ellen wrote:
Stunning photo, Danny!

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