Photo Prayer 2020-43 -- Moss and Stone

Stone endures but moss is stronger. Perhaps because each stone is shaped by hand and fitted into place by an attentive mind, dry-set rock walls are lovely things, especially when clothed in green. Words are like stones, not because we hurl them at each other, but because each word can be carefully chosen and fitted into place to form a paragraph, page, or prayer, one word next to the other, row upon row. I imagine a rock wall, a word carved into each stone, the whole a revelation. I imagine moss covering the rock, hiding the message, but I also imagine a caretaker who every now and then bares the surface with brush and broom, revealing the stones, revealing the words, so they might shine. Where is my brush? Where is my broom?

Photo of moss, grass, and briar growing in a dry-set rock wall beside Back Lane, Warslow, Staffordshire, England, in the Peak District. Special thanks to the Cenacle Group at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, Delaware, for choosing the photo and getting me started.
Photo copyright 2019; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Nicole wrote:
I love moss (and ferns)!

Alan wrote:
I grew up in England and have fond memories of hiking (or 'rambling' as we Brits say) in the Peak District. Your photo transported me back to those days - thank you for that! Do you think creativity can be taught, beyond simply being nurtured? Is creativity declining in our society? My youngest son feels that creativity is hampered by the intrusion of today's technology competing for our attention (social media, video games, etc.) He would go as far to say that boredom is essential for creativity. I'd be interested in your thoughts on these questions, if you have the time or inclination to comment. [The author says he will write something, but when?]

Ellen wrote:

Greg wrote:
Very nice, Danny. You take wonderful photos and have a gift with words.

Sybil wrote:
I love this photo! We live in the woods, have a rock wall and steps with beautiful moss growth. Your photo reminds me of time, nature’s work, complimentary beauty without mans hands.

Carl wrote:
GREAT picture and beautifully written paragraph. I look forward to your submissions every time they appear. Peace, Carl

Ann wrote:
This photo speaks volumes! Thank you, Danny. Your words bring it home. I so love your photos.

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