Photo Prayer 2020-02 -- Covered With Camels

Isaiah says the whole city, not just you and me, shall rise up and shine. Even though darkness covers the earth, even though a thick darkness covers the people, Isaiah says we shall see God’s glory and we shall be radiant. Nations shall be drawn to our shining city. A multitude of camels shall cover us. Camels? If I may, let me translate. A multitude of Dodge RAM delivery trucks shall fill our streets, bringing to us the wealth of the wise, and even the truck drivers shall proclaim the praise of the Lord. Today I ordered lights to string around our house and trash bags for what’s unwanted. Amazon’s vans soon will arrive. May their drivers, like us, reflect God’s glory!

Photo of camels in downtown Austin, Texas in 1991, a feature of vacation bible school at St. David’s Episcopal Church.
The text is mostly a rewording of Isaiah 60:1–6.
Photo copyright 1991; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Bill wrote:
Funny. Thanks.

Lawrence wrote:
Glad you mentioned where and when the photo was taken. I thought I vaguely recognized one of the buildings. You should go and retake the photo, the skyline has changed totally, probably not for the good.

TC wrote:
Wonderfully, whimsically put, Danny.


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