Photo Prayer 2020-01 -- Free Fall Bounce

Everything is new under the sun.
Everything is just beginning.
Nothing sits still.
We are all in free fall,
trusting we will bounce.

Photo of a mid-air boy on inflatable slide, Arden Fair, Arden, Delaware.
Photo copyright 2019; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Hugh wrote:
What a great thought for a new year! Many thanks.

James wrote:
Oh Danny will we ever bounce for sure – but without those protective side bolsters how will we land???

Craig wrote:
Reminds me of the Navajo belief that each rising sun is a new one, distinct from yesterday’s and tomorrow’s…. And we should not waste it.

Martha wrote:
Freefall ~ A fitting end to a fitful year. Thanks Danny.

Royster wrote:
Danny, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2020 is filled with happiness, good health and exciting new horizons, photographs and reflections. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration. I don't normally put much stock in New Year's resolutions but yesterday the SSJE reflection by Br. James Koester brought me up short. I have changed his quote slightly (in red). Fr. Koester says, "All of us have parts of our lives that need protection for the simple reason that they are precious. By setting up intentional boundaries on our space and limits on our time, we can create space and openess that fosters those precious qualities and experiences which the demands of life would otherwise devour."

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