The boy, almost alone in the garden, sees air bubbling up from the bottom of a fountain. He does what any ten-year-old male would do — he sticks his face into the pool and tries to catch the rising bubbles in his mouth. Can he catch enough to breathe under water? That is his question. What is possible? What can I do? He is not yet set on doing anything in particular, certainly not a career, but he is keenly interested in finding his limits. God help him reach the age of thirty!


Photo of a boy with his face in a stork fountain .
Photo copyright 2016; text, 2018, by Danny N. Schweers

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Marti wrote:
Really like this one, Danny! You have such an eye for finding such great subjects to photograph!! I enjoy your creative talent immensely!

Janet wrote:
Love this. Innocent times. A boy and water.

Donna wrote:
Love the kids book illustration look of this - so Cool!!!

Roberta wrote:
Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Julie wrote:
Danny, this one hit really close to home! I have loved a boy like this, a son just like this, since the day he was born, over fifty years ago. He surpassed thirty, and is still exploring the source of those enticing bubbles. I absolutely loved his image! Thank you so much.

Hugh wrote:
Great image.

Sandra wrote:
Hi, Danny: My husband and I met you at the Art Museum a few weeks ago. I love getting your photo prayer emails. I am taking an online class on the Old Testament and would like to share one of your images from long ago to illustrate a discussion on Lamentations. Is it OK if I share this? You might get a flurry of subscribers!

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