Are there near-sighted hawks, eagles, and owls? It is hard to believe they would live long after being pushed from the nest. Why then do so many people need glasses? It seems our fitness as a species does not depend on twenty-twenty vision. I started wearing glasses at age seven and probably needed them earlier, yet I have never thought being near-sighted was life threatening. I imagine tribes of hunters, many as near-sighted as me, awarding praise and promotion to those among them who could see into the distance. In that way, the tribe would prosper. Who now among us sees clearly? Let us praise them and, if we have access to a ballot box, elect them, though that assumes we, the near-sighted, can tell who those far-sighted leaders are. God help us!


Photo looking down 7th Street towards Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, on 28 November, 1975
with signs for Dickinson Optical, Central Shoe Repair, and Travis Barber Shop (Air Conditioned) .
Photo copyright 1975; text, 2018, by Danny N. Schweers

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kerry wrote:
Love this image and message!

Lynn wrote:
Although I have worn glasses since I was six (until I got "new eyes" following my cataract surgery last year), I believe I see more clearly than those short-sighted folks in DC. Alas, I have only one vote.

John wrote:
I recall reading in Truman biography that he was one of the first people to get glasses and it totally changed his life. And he wore this prince nez style that was all they had when he stated wearing them. Keep up the good work Danny. I love your work. Here’s a link to a story about Truman memorizing the eye chart to join up for WWI:

Larry wrote:
Very well said.

Lloyd wrote:
Right on, Danny!

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