What shall I say about Patrick Star? Peter Keepnews of the New York Times describes this overweight pink starfish as “unfailingly enthusiastic, touchingly loyal, and undeterred by his limited intellect.” Patrick may be a star fish but he is not the star of the show — he is Spongebob’s sidekick. You know the role, the buddy with the odd looks and distinctive character who, for all his shortcomings, is essential to the plot and often saves the day. Again and again, people have testified that their lives turned around when they stopped trying to be the star of the show and left that to God. I say something different. I say God is our director and sometimes asks us to star even if we do not believe we are ready for the part. Hey! Did you hear that? There’s your cue! You are on!


Photo of a Patrick Star doll lost in a parking lot.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Dennis wrote:
Wonderfully put. But I hear that there is a spin-off on the way staring Patrick. Rumor he got fed up with playing second invertebrate. He finally got enough backbone to move on.

Bill wrote:
Once again, great text.

Nicole wrote:
That is hilarious.

Lucia wrote:
Patrick may be front and center, but the real star is you, Danny. This is wonderful.

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