A plant thriving where it does not belong is a bad sign to those who hope for a thriving city. Growing from a crack in the sidewalk, green glorious leaves are a sign of neglect by the tenant, indifference by the owner, and inaction by local government. Why are they letting the rot spread unchecked? Why are they letting nature run wild? Nature wants all the East Coast covered by forest just as it was five hundred years ago, not a place for us humans, not in our numbers. But what if this is not a sign of neglect, of civilization’s demise? What if this plant is simply telling us a garden should be here rather than a sidewalk? Do you think the tenant, owner, or municipality will mind if we tear up the concrete and bring in some garden soil? Let’s ask!


Photo of an unidentified green plant growing in a crack in the sidewalk along North Shipley Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Nina wrote:
Lovely and poignant

Nicole wrote:
I totally agree, Danny! Oftentimes when I see a plant growing “where it shouldn’t,” I see it as a sign of strength and perseverance to make the world what it used to be.

Janet wrote:
Reminds me of the saying, “Bloom where you are planted”. Making the most of an ugly situation.

Theresa wrote:
After seeing your latest photo prayer, my friend made these comments about you...comments I definitely had to share.
Theresa’s friend wrote:
I think this man is other worldly. His perspective is so unique he is functioning from a very different level , a very different source of knowledge. His vision has evolved enabling him to see the unwritten and the unrecognized. He sees the extraordinary in the things most of us take for granted, see as mundane. This type of thinking comes from a level not of this earth. I think he is prophetic and brings forth learning we ( ordinary people ) need to take note of. Thanks for sharing. I will be looking for gardens in the weed patches from now on. :-)

Donna wrote:
I could write a story around this....love it!!

Tom wrote:
Beautiful, Danny. Yes, yes, yes!

Peter wrote:
I love this Danny!

Holly wrote:
Danny: I think you're overthinking this!

Anne wrote:
Bravo, Danny! More gardens; less concrete.

Thanks for your comments on my Urban Growth photo and prayer. As someone of a philosophical bent, I often overthink issues. Where some see the obvious answer, I sometimes see several answers and, in my dithering, appear slow and confused. If you want to see how I continued to overthink this issue, see my short essay at:

This Photo Prayer was published in this church's email blast of 7 September 2018. Always a pleasure to see which image and text this Wilmington, Delaware church will choose to share with its 600 or so members and friends once a month.

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