At the storm’s peak, I go out into the deluge to clean leaves out of the gutter over our front door. This task has been on my TO DO list for weeks. Now, seeing the undiverted rainwater pour off the roof, seeing it begin to flood the entryway, seeing it threaten the cellar, I jump into action. Reveling in the rain, goaded on by the lightning and thunder, the gutter is soon clear and I am drenched to the skin. I love the experience but first I had to have a practical reason for enjoying myself, for cavorting in the storm like a young girl in a sprinkler, something a mature circumspect man does not do without losing his dignity. Please, pray for me and those like me, the self-conscious and procrastinating.


Photo of a young girl grimacing in fire-hydrant spray at the ACRA July 4th Games, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Rosemary wrote:
Just wonderful, Danny. Your descriptions are quite delicious, and poignant too.

Lynn wrote:
Love that shot, both her expression of delight and the rainbow!

Kathy wrote:
How I love this! Thank you.

THE AUTHOR REPLIED: I wonder how many people enjoy cavorting in the political storms raging in this country? I am sure there are some people who love getting into the fray. Not me! That said, I hold public office (Chair, Advisory Committee, Village of Arden, Delaware, one of the town officers) and I am helping a trusted friend run for state representative. In my own small way, I am cleaning the gutters of politics, although some people will say I am clogging them!

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