Is this the year? Is this the day?
Probably not.
There are so many years and days,
they cannot all be special.
Are we the nation? Am I the one?
Probably not.
There are so many nations and individuals,
we cannot all be special.
Or can we?
Perhaps we are the people.
Perhaps this is the year.
Perhaps this is the day!
Prudence asks what is probable and makes
its forecast: the same old same old.
Delight asks a different question —
What is possible? — and gets
a different answer:


Photo of three lily buds about to blossom at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Donna wrote:
Wow, love how you caught these buds in the light, just about to open, the color against the green...another winner!

Roberta wrote:

Julie wrote:
You are asking the right questions, Danny! And the photo holds out the possibilities in all the answers to them.

Cookie wrote:

Marina wrote:
Beautiful – budding possibilities! Thank you for stirring colors, luminous, jewel-like . . delicately composed.

Susan wrote:
I love this. It is a challenge to me.

Royster wrote:
Danny, very nice. The Hopi Elders message for the Millenia has an interesting parallel.

Craig wrote:
In my past readings in archeology and anthropology I was always struck by a certain formulation used by Nearly all tribes everywhere: In their origin myths, they would refer to themselves as “the People”. At least that’s how it’s always translated. For some reason this seemed very mystical and organic. It was all-inclusive, embracing all of humanity.
They seemed to speak for everyone, tho this particular story was most especially their own. Did the story make them special? “The People” were always referred to in third person. The People did this, the People did that. Never was the Subjective introduced. This morning I was in a classroom and looked up to see a poster reading, “We the People”…..the first words of the Preamble to the Constitution. Our origin myth: the People, but with a “We”, plural first person pronoun. So many Peoples, claiming to be THE People... But WE have it in WRITING!!!

I see a “Message from Hopi Elders” at
I like the part of letting go of the shore, that things will be unsettled but good, that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

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