I keep opening the wrong drawer.
If you asked, I could tell you
that months ago my wife
moved the lids of the pots and pans
from the bottom drawer
to the middle drawer.
Still, without thinking,
I reach for the wrong drawer every time.
How is it that I cannot change?
What am I? Human?


Photo of pot lids in the right drawer.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Deacon Dottie wrote:
Change is difficult. We usually do a lot of our lives on Auto Pilot. My car STILL drives in the direction of a previous job IF I don't pay attention. Ah there is the rub!!!

Donna wrote:
Love this piece, especially the last line – wonderful!

Julie wrote:
Your muscle memory is strong, as it is in all of us, which goes a little way toward an understanding of why it is so hard for us (humans) to break habits we don't like.

Hugh wrote:

David wrote:
this one resonates. carry on.

Pat wrote:
I do things like that ALL THE TIME, wondering why, each time!

Susan wrote:
Yes, yes, yes!

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