Courage is my fickle unfaithful friend.
In his company I am eager, even daring.
Often I find myself by him abandoned
in a strange landscape full of fear,
on the edge without a handrail.
I am not one for tears and tissues.
I do as my dad did — soldier on!
And I do what he may not have done —
my father never mentioned it —
I pray.
I confess to God how little I know.
I confess that, for all I know,
everything may turn out fine,
all according to plan.
For all I know, fear too
might be a friend,
one that shocks me awake,
makes me pay attention,
a friend I should not be
so willing to lose.


Photo of facial tissue half-pulled from the box.
Photo copyright 2014; text, 2017 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Kerry wrote:
This is lovely!!! : )

Rosemary wrote:
This one is spectacular. How can you “ironize” something so soft? [Danny says that dramatic lighting and post-processing can make even the softest things look hard and dangerous. I assume that is what you meant by “ironize”. It works the other way around, too. Hard and dangerous women often are made to appear soft and cuddly.]

Hugh wrote:
Nice ending.

Roberta wrote:
Rather Dante-esque ... I like.

Anne wrote:
Just what I needed to receive -- and pay attention to, today. Thanks, Danny.

Deacon Dottie wrote:
In the cave of my soul I feel fear yet my mind says that fear is the absence of faith. Waiting is the real issue. Thanks for ALL you do.

Elisabeth wrote:
Beautiful! Thank you.

D-L wrote:
I shared your latest with a friend and she was quite impressed.

Audrey wrote:
Very nice Danny.

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