Oh, the ignominious things we do
willingly with jokes and smiles
to please those we love.
Children take piano lessons.
Husbands learn ballroom dancing.
Wives camp overnight in tents.
Parents climb onto exercycles and pedal.
Oh, I know these are stereotypes,
but they show how widespread is this behavior,
this willingness to please those we love
even though our bodies shudder as we say,
“Yes, I’ll do that.”

Lord, we love you.
We want to please you.
What are you asking us to do?
That? Really!?


Photo of Virginia V. Henry, age 88, peddling on an exercise bike,
trying it out to please us, her daughter and her son-in-law.
Virginia died peacefully at age 91, with us there not asking her to do anything.

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Comments from readers

Bill wrote:
Good. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.

Diann wrote:
May she Rest In Peace. She was a game lady. I like your poem/prayer.

Dennis wrote:
I live by the words of our former first lady Nancy Regan – Just Say No.

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