The gardener’s tools are edged steel.
Clippers and saws, mowers and shears,
shovels and hoes, all are designed
to cut through stem and branch
or into the earth itself.
Like the surgeon’s healing knife
or the knight’s order-restoring sword,
the gardener’s tools are made to
shape a place of peace and harmony.
Let our limbs be trimmed to produce more fruit.
Dig us up by the roots and replant us.
Let the Lamb’s Ear lie down with the Dandelion.


Photo of Felco® Pruning Shears.

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Comments from readers

Diann wrote:
I love it!

Roberta Hill wrote:
I love the Lamb's Ear lying down with the Dandelion. “Limbs be trimmed?” But …
[Danny replied: The most troubling of Jesus’ teachings (for me) is that the branches that do not bear fruit will be thrown away, and those that do produce will be pruned so that they will bear even more fruit. He was talking about the fruit of the spirit, and so this saying is often interpreted as meaning that fruitful souls can expect tribulation, even those doing God’s work, people who may be asked to lay down their lives. Me, I pray for light prunings, the spiritual equivalent to a haircut. See John 15:1-17, to which my prayer alludes: ]

Dave wrote:
Love that last line :)
[Danny replied: I was purposely misquoting “The lamb will lie down with the lion” which itself is a misquoting of Isaiah 11:6, “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”]

Betty wrote:
so clever, especially the Lamb's Ear and the Dandelion!

Rosemary wrote:
Wonderful......especially the last phrase!

Tom wrote:
A happy clipper surveys his work : )

Julie wrote:
A very apt analogy!

Lucia wrote:
Just beautiful, Danny. When I first saw the picture, I thought how much it resembled an aloe plant. Tools and plants -- all gifts.

Shari wrote:
At first, I thought this was a picture of a Rhinoceros beetle and thought, “Now, this is going to be interesting; what words of inspiration will Danny have on an insect?” I don't know whether it was your words or my interpretation with the power of suggestion, but I sure did have a sense of a spot on comparison. See the good influence you have? Thank you for these inspirational Photo Prayers; they always give me something to think about and in a good, positive frame.

Mary Brent wrote:
Very nice, Danny! thank you for sending your lovely photo and prayer.

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