Gardeners decide life and death,
what is planted, what is cut back,
what is pulled up by the roots,
and who gets to visit and feed.
When the redheaded coniferous-
feeding sawfly larvae are caught
defoliating my ornamental pines,
there is no debate.
The challenge is finding
the trespassing caterpillars
before they strip
entire branches bare.
Lord, you tell us
to pray for our enemies.
Are we really like them?


Photo of redheaded sawfly larvae on an ornamental Mugo Pine.

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Comments from readers

Rosemary wrote:
You have a lot of buzzing energy in your garden, Danny. Did Medusa send in these speckled creatures after she left?

Katherine wrote:
thank you Danny, a strange and thoughtful pic

Donna wrote:
Wow - that looks like a painting. Beautiful!

Harold wrote:
Danny, the image is amazing.

Emily wrote:
Danny: so powerful!! Thank you! Emily

Mark wrote:
Fascinating photo, insightful prayer. Thanks, Danny.

Betty wrote:
Aww, but they are so beautiful! I have a lot of trouble with this decision making while gardening. I also capture stink bugs, crickets, millipedes and put them back outside. I get upset with my young students who intentionally step on bugs. Who are we to decide?

TC wrote:
Yes, excellent question. A Hindu might be merciful, but my wife the vegetable gardener: not a chance!

Alice wrote:
Danny: This is a powerful but creepy photo. Love the photo prayers. Alice

Shari wrote:
What a beautiful nightmare. Man!

Carlos wrote:
Love it.

Craig wrote:
I hope the Sawflies pray for you!

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