Photo of three girls serving as acolytes at the
Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew,
downtown Wilmington, Delaware. It was one girl’s first day.

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Comments from readers

Cecilia wrote:
You know, I really like this because your prose and your thoughts also go on for a while, spinning big ideas. But the girls aren't going anywhere. They are right in front of us, so in-the-moment. Happy and proud and of a slightly comic variety in size, shape and color. The one in the middle has a blue bandage on her finger right in the middle of the photo and her shoes are kids' utilitarian shoes, ready to run around. The prayer is a great combination of deep, cosmic thinking and pure joy.

Marina wrote:
Went to a Roman Catholic funeral mass for a loved one last week. The community ritual does help to remind us of impermanence, transcendence, eternity, and a whole host of other intangibles.

Nancy wrote:
Beautiful, joyful photo!

Susan wrote:
Thanks. That's a good way to verbalize the liturgy. Also enjoyed the picture.

Pat wrote:
Love this picture and so glad you shared it. It warms my heart!

Elizabeth wrote:
Your photo has so much energy, and I found your meditation full of insight!!

Lucia (grandmother of one of the girls) wrote:
It may be a familiar ritual, but to these young women it is a newness that never ceases to amaze. Their faces show happiness, pride and awe. It's truly beautiful.

Dennis wrote:
Wonderful image Danny. Well done, done, done, done.

Craig wrote:
Brings back many old memories... Danny, have you seen the film “Finding Vivian Maier?” If you haven’t, you really should take a peek at it -- excellent film, about a really terrific, undiscovered photographer. For anyone contemplating the vagaries of fame, fortune, and the mysteries of the undisclosed genius, it’s really quite a story.

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