Photo of a woman at the National Gallery of Art looking at three paintings by Yves Klein:
"Untitled Monogold" 1961, "Untitled Pink Monochrome" 1961, and "Untitled Blue Monochrome" 1960.
A slow shutter speed blurs the woman.
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Comments from readers

Binkie wrote:

Donna wrote:
So interesting! He would have lived in Arden. Great!

Craig wrote:
I must admit that the art leaves me baffled. Seems close to being what, in other instances, has been considered a joke on the viewer. A mystic? Well, this is the old “beauty (meaning?) is in the eye of the beholder” with a vengeance. The head swims, searching for significance. People may say: well, this is a parable on modern existence. But that’s a bit trite, no? So he “displayed” blank walls? Now his art is worth millions? Question: are the walls worth more, the same, or less, with the art on them?

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