Photo while entering an exhibit in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art.
A slow shutter speed blurs the image.
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Comments from readers

Robin wrote:
I love how this incredible image draws you back and into the central face looking back at you :) So satisfyingly beautiful... and the sentiment of the accompanying words, also crafted so well.

Lloyd wrote:
Very relevant these days.

Kerry wrote:
Love this effect Danny! The colors are great too!

Craig wrote:
Blur City! Aren’t they fun?? For a handful of recent images, I used a program called Topaz Impression. It creates painting-like effects. It’s really flexible, and does a good job. I’ve always shied away from such effects, as the final result is pretty non-photographic, and a little too easy. However, these came out pretty good, and were some of my wife’s favorites. I mention this because this image exudes a very painterly “impression” ... something that dragging the shutter can produce. It’s the wiggle of Time ... and “blurs” the distinction between painting and photography. The blending of color and form is something you just can’t get any other way.

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