Photo taken from the seventh floor of the Washington National Cathedral
looking toward Wisconsin Avenue, NW.
Photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers.
Prayer revised 2023.

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Comments from readers in 2016

Peter wrote:
This just came in, and I find it very moving. Thanks Danny!

Jim wrote:
Nice thoughts and nice photo and nice meditation on the photo, I liked this. In my sense of G-d I also feel the pantheistic elements in what you say, while retaining the sense that G-d is a conscious entity. My 2 cents!

Royster wrote:
Danny, important perspective nicely captured and presented!!

Loretta wrote:
Yes. Immanuel, God with us. -- Matthew 1:23. Thank God.

Mark wrote:
I think this photo is fascinating, the perspective being so different from what one sees at ground level. And the prayer sentiments are spot on. Thanks for the treat. PS. Love the creative watermark, too.

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From the cathedral’s heights
I see how we may look
to someone seated higher.
I see how it may be,
the throne so far removed,
we rendered microscopic,
like flakes in the blizzard’s blow,
or commas in a dog-eared book.
But God is in no tower,
nor are we at the far end
of a magnifying lens.
God is walking with us,
talking, eating, dying,
rising from the grave, and
coming to take us home.