Photo of raindrops caught in a spider web
Photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Peter wrote:
Danny, your sensitive powers of observation blow me away!

Bill wrote:
Good punch line. Good photo. Thanks.

Denis wrote:
Very nice Danny. ...and the numbers in the upper right corner? A reflection of #s on your camera? [Danny replied: Actually, you are supposed to be able to read those going down as DANNY SCHWEERS 2016 — my way of signing and dating each photo.]

Roberta wrote:
I love.

Tom wrote:
Fabulous, Danny! Way to notice!

Nicole wrote:
Beautiful! Not ugly at all!

Cookie wrote:

Lucia wrote:
That little web is strong enough to hold all that water. Awesome!!

Katherine wrote:
Very nice, Danny.

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