Photo of a man and mannequins in New York City.
Photograph 2007 and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Betty wrote:
When we were in Philly for my nephew’s wedding, a woman walked across the street while talking on her cell phone and was struck and killed by a Duck (amphibious vehicle).

Alice wrote:
So true, Danny. I am guilty right now of being on my phone too much. Especially in the presence of people I love. Need to just put it down and take a break. Life goes by and I want to be part of it, not talking or searching on my phone!!!
--Sent from my amazing iPhone!

Cecilia wrote:
In concentrating on the main subject of your photo and the accompanying text, how did I miss this: The mannequin second from the left — isn’t he texting?

Craig wrote:
I like the reflection in the lower left window.
Now if she were only holding a cell phone….
And she was the one he was talking to…
But they didn’t know they were right across the street from each other, and if they’d only turned…
And….well, you get the picture…

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