Photo of two glass tumblers on the author's kitchen counter.
Photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Harold wrote:
An exceptional photograph. Just beautiful. As far as the poem, I don’t believe that it is a fantasy the WE (you and me, and like-minded people) try to make it right, and ask for forgiveness, and forgive when we go astray, but to expect criminals to do so is a fantasy, in my opinion. Very thought provoking!

Tom wrote:
No, it's not a fantasy. President Obama invited police and aggrieved community representatives to take a step in this direction about a week ago, and by my reading of the outcome, there was at least better understanding of the other's experience. We need more of that, and more of striving to live according to the kindest guidance of our diverse religious traditions.

Craig wrote:
Here's an even bigger fantasy: that we all wake up tomorrow in a world that has no guns.

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