Photo of people cavorting in fire hydrant spray at the
Arden Community Recreation Association's July 4 Games in Delaware..
Photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Rosemary wrote:
Wonderful, and a true classic Renaissance triangle composition, even with all the contorted bodies. A modern day Caravaggio! But, you are much more gentle a soul than that character, genius tho he was.

Jeannie wrote:
I love it- the image and your words - the truth! Thank you.

Bill wrote:
Nice. Thanks.

Cookie wrote:
Kid favorite event! Love the composition and the sentiment.

Anne wrote:
A world view we can live with -- and live with everyone else as well. All are lifted up when the Holy One is acknowledged as greater than all. Thanks, Danny. Needed your words today (especially).

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