Composite photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Binkie wrote:
Nice words. I'm trying to figure out what the image is, O Amazing Photographer.

Ross wrote:
Lovely image and thought, Danny!

Bill wrote:
Lovely, but what is the photo of? You usually say.

Tom wrote:
Nicely built image. You used some kind of fabric to suggest a modern, tall building, and somehow put in a night sky. Bravo! Your words are so fitting, too!

Lynn wrote:
Great photo -- wondering what and where that is. The only clue was "composite."

Shari wrote:
Very thought provoking picture and verse, Danny. But "Oh, to climb inside our eyeballs" creeped me out. Whoo! What is the meaning there, to ascend the height of introspection?

Bart wrote:
Tomorrow the doctor will be climbing inside my eyeball to change out the lens on my right eye. Or is it the left? I can’t remember. At any rate, she promised this would make me a better photographer, as all the great photographers have, she’s heard, a great eye. What do you mean, I protested! “A great eye”. Only one? This makes me suspicious about what she’s going to do to the other eye … the left one. Or was it the right?????

The author wrote:
Tom is right. The photo is of curtains turned upside-down, then I added "stars" from Photo Prayer 2007-10.

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