Photo of oily water and rust outside Harvey Road Automotive, Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Walt wrote:

Craig wrote:
Very cool shot. My we’re getting abstract these days! (I love the location). I remember there was a radio show of some kind where they would play a sound clip and the contestants would have to identify the sound.

Anne wroge:
One of your best, I think. Looking at ordinary things in extraordinary ways moves all of us closer to the One who also looks upon us ordinary folk with extraordinary love. Amen!

Shari wrote:
Everything is a continuum. You captured it. Simple as that. Love your photography, Danny.

Harold wrote:
Wonderful, Danny!

Royster wrote:
Nice! And yes, more than just hope, certainty. Promised. Life Abundant!

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