Photo of a fountain, Indoor Children's Garden, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers in 2023

Bernadette wrote:
Thanks, Danny! Safe travels!

Ellen Dolmetsch <> wrote:

George wrote:
Danny , I love your photo prayers and the thoughts expressed with them. If you are traveling I hope all is going well and you have a safe return.

Audrey wrote:
🙌🏽. Another Amen in order Danny❣️🥀🐇🌈

Carolyn wrote:
Thanks, Danny. Lovely!

Tom wrote:
Wonderful photograph and message Danny!

Donna wrote:
Yes – such an important concept - to encourage play - creating - all vital forms of worship. Beautiful words!

Alice wrote:
I do like that thought, being “badly behaved” myself! And proud of it! I would still be the first to poke my finger in! Yes, Church must be a place of joy and welcome for all!

Royster wrote:
Amen!! Danny, I hope that you have had a blessed Lent, that Holy Week will bring you special blessings, and that the Alleluias of Easter Sunday will be a taste of the year ahead.

Marti wrote:
Amen to that! I’m always so impressed (and perhaps a little envious) with what you can “see” in such simple, every-day scenery, viz-a-viz life, enabling you to translate what you see into such beautiful words! Thank you for your ministry, Danny!

Ernestine wrote:
Absolutely, God loves the little children to be nurtured and nourished in His House and beyond. Peace, Love and Blessings 🙏❤️

Lawrence wrote:
Incredible, looks like a pencil sketch. Prayer not bad either.

Alice wrote:
Danny, Not only is the picture adorable, but your sentiment about the role of churches is spot on.

Comments from readers in 2016

Cecilia said:
Love the French braids echoing the variegated vine spilling around the frog. Love the round frog eyes and round plastic bugs, round fountain and silly round ears on her sweatshirt hood. The shape of her hood and the shape of the frog’s head. And the right angle intersection of it all in the moment just before it intersects. And the prayer.

Ellyn wrote:
Love this Danny. My message lately is to laugh more often and not be so serious. Being brought up surrounded by so much fear, especially in the Catholic School system… even as a child thinking about myself as a sinner rather than a beautiful loving being in the image and likeness of God. Yes… let’s encourage play, and fun, and laughter so we can all connect with each other and Source in an authentic, uninhibited way. Thanks for your weekly musings and wonderful photos. I am so fortunate to share in your work (and play)!

Mary wrote:
Such tension. Such anticipation. What a wonderful photo. What wonderful words. Thanks Danny.

Donna Scully, of New Castle Presbytery, wrote
This is my favorite one yet! With thanks and blessings for your generosity for allowing us to share your incredible work!
[New Castle Presbytery includes these Photo Prayers in its MidWeek Musings weekly publication]

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