Photo of sidewalk and shadows outside Bob's Discount Furniture, Wilmington, DE.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Kathy wrote:
The artist in you can appreciate the grace of this art. I love patterns like this. Thank you : )

Larry wrote:
You must have been born on a Tuesday, child of grace? Truly great photo taken by a great photographer but is he an artist? Wondering, Larry. PS. As the Aussies say, good eye mite.

Binkie wrote:
I love it!

Jeannie wrote:
I loved this work with the wonderful shapes, the hopeful green color, and the graceful words. You are a conduit of grace, Danny. Thanks.

Dave wrote:
Oh - this one is SO good. Thank you Danny. Can I repost to and link back to your site? I’d like to feature you as one of our ‘Today’s Artist’ posts. I am inspired by your determination to get these out week after week. I know it must not always be an easy commitment to keep, but I know there are more who, like me, get a little boost each time they see one, a big boost each time they read one, and every once and a while, like today, are encouraged to pay attention to the Sacred Small, and see the world as a more holy place. See:

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