Photo of water from a spigot falling on a cast-iron griddle in my kitchen sink.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Mary wrote:
WOW. One of your best!! Keep for the record book. I love how you find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Thanks Danny.

Ellyn wrote:
Great photo of water on the griddle. I was surprised to read the correlation to Florida. Your photos and writings are always so thought provoking to me. I am very grateful to be honored with these mailings. I thank you.

Lucia wrote:
Just beautiful.

The Author replied:
Thanks so much for your praise of last week’s photo and prayer about Florida. Until writing the prayer, I was pitying the people of Florida for their rising water levels and falling continental shelf. But once I got into it, I found myself inching towards praise, how it might be to live in Florida and to actually love the challenges. It is an odd piece of writing, even for me, so it was good to have it praised by people whom I respect.

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