Photo of bittersweet vine and its berries in the fall.
Photo 2015 and prayer 2017 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Harold wrote:
Another beautiful image, accompanied by beautiful text!

Nancy wrote:
So beautiful and such a positive message, Danny! Nice work as always!

Alice wrote:
I just love this Danny. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for your photo prayers!

Pat wrote:
Such a beautiful and colorful image. I miss the bittersweet vine, haven't seen it growing here in the Low Country of South Carolina. I'm thankful for eyes that love the beauty of God's creation. You have described my feelings exactly.

Anne wrote:
One of your best prayers, yet -- and the photo is equally as wonderful. Sending Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family…

Tom wrote:
Oh, yes, how I have felt the same freedom and exhilaration on a photo-walk!

Kerry wrote:
Lovely poem!
Danny, you ought to get a Instagram account and begin posting these.
I just started following Tyler Knott Gregson
He started posting these on Instagram and now he has published 2 books.
You could post the poem and the image separately but at the same time. Who knows what could happen. You may develop and world wide following and become famous overnight - social media can do that but basically I just think you are so fabulously talented that more eyes and hearts should share your work!!! : )

Pat wrote:
My thoughts exactly as I take my morning walks; however, I cannot put my thoughts into such poetic words.

Diann wrote:
So beautiful!! Thank you.

Craig wrote:
Very nice…. I say Unleash it, unleash it!! What’s the worst that could happen?????

Tina wrote:
Thanks, Danny! As always, captivating image and inspiring words. I just discovered that your photo prayers have been going into my promotional inbox, which I don't check regularly. I have a feeling that I should take a look through just in case there are other meaningful emails that I've missed!

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