Photo of a lifeguard at Camp Arrowhead in Delaware
on his lunch break, splitting wood with an axe for that evening's campfire.

Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers.

Betty wrote:
[After looking at your photo] I was just going to say that looks like Camp Arrowhead!

Pat wrote:

Tom wrote:
Amen to the message! Ouch to the photo, because the way he's splitting wood is dangerous. One does better to put the log to be split standing on edge in front of the blocking wood, not on top if it. Putting the blocking wood between the splitter and the log to be split provides more of a protection for the splitter's legs, should the ax go wrong. I spent about a week practicing log splitting at Camp Tockwogh when I was about 14. My teacher wouldn't let me graduate until I could split with my ax a wooden match lengthwise that he had stuck upright in an ax cut at the top of the log to be split. After a while I got good at it, though I still used the blocking wood. These days I can hardly see a match from that distance, let alone split it : )

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