Families enjoying surf at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California, 2014 by Danny N. Schweers It is better to understand
the order of things
than to put things in order.
Let me go further and say
that the process of seeing
the way things are and
making sense of them
actually brings order
to the chaos.
Believing this, I am less
fearful of the world's disarray.
I may not understand
its nyxious jimble jamble

but I believe Someone does and,
in the process, orders it
and is making all things well.

Photo of families enjoying the crashing surf at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California.
Photo 2014 and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers and the Author's Response:

D-L (working in a church office) wrote:
This should be the theme of our office.

Walter wrote:
Has a warm Norman Rockwell feel to it. But better than a Rockwell.

Tom wrote:
A cooling photo for these sweltering days, and an appropriate message from a philosophy major : )

I admire Norman Rockwell, have seen at least two of his exhibits, and have visited his museum and studio in Massachusetts. My photo is as wholesome as can be, if you only look at the families in the surf. But those waves look scary! In spite of that, the people are delighted. I like that. I admire anyone who can hold onto their delight in spite of the waves crashing around them.

Tom is right: I studied philosophy for four years, three of those years in graduate school. Often these prayer pix are just me never having given up philosophy.

I wanted to describe chaos with words that were themselves chaotic. Nyxious is a word I made up. Nyx is a Greek goddess, child of Chaos and Erebus, a goddess who stirs people up who would otherwise be idle. Jimble jamble can be found doing an Internet search and means anything mixed up, cluttered, chaotic.

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