Detail of a cliff face on Third Mesa of the Hopi Reservation, Arizona.
The Anasazi ruins at the top of the cliff have yet to be excavated.
The cliff's base is littered with ancient pot shards.

Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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D-L wote:
Fabulous – thought provoking – delightful


Like much of what I write, this prayer is a reminder for me to look for what grace provides rather than digging in the dark for imagined riches. Some of us wake up each morning with our imaginations all revved up. We imagine what we can do with the day. Often, for me, this means imagining a new project that will not take a few hours but the rest of my life and, before it can be completed, the lives of many others, all of us digging down, down, down, looking for that treasure. In short, I am wary of inspiration, especially when, each day, I am inspired to go in a new direction, only to give up that project when I am inspired the next day to go in another new direction. I've been doing these Photo Prayers since 2007. Such persistence is quite unusual for me. Call it a discipline, one I fell into, not one I meticulously planned.