Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers, and the Author's Response

Alice wrote:
Especially like this one. Reminds me of the season [of Lent] and the season of our lives too. All the best.

Pat wrote:
Beautiful metaphor for all of us. I try very hard to appreciate the good health that I now enjoy, and realize that, at my age, good health could end at any time. This is certainly a good reminder of things that may come. Thank you

Lloyd wrote:
Again, so profound; so real!!!!!
I can really identify with this very personally. Last month I turned 80. A few months ago I attended the 50th Reunion of my Seminary class (VTS).!! What I love about this Photo Prayer is that those old, dried up, bent-over, leaning-on-one-another fence poles are not lamenting their inevitable end (in their present form, at least). Rather, deep within, at their very center, at their core (souls), they stand tall and firm, affirming the validity of their long lives, steadfast in faith and praise, proclaiming God's righteousness "to generations yet unborn." Finally, they offer wisdom and Godly admonition to those mocking whippersnappers. "Your time is coming!”

Jim, who often kids me, wrote:
Danny, are you having health issues? - I was not aware....

Judi wrote:
Honey, we need to have coffee and laugh a little.


Thanks for your comments! I didn’t expect to write a paraphrase of Psalm 22 or anything so apt for the Season of Lent. I have been reading Tim Holt’s, “Why Does The World Exist?”, a book that looks at the way that question has been answered over the centuries. Very philosophical. I like it!

Using that book as inspiration, I wrote many drafts of this week’s prayer but none fit the photo I had chosen. Then I woke up thinking about Psalm 22. It fits the photo just fine!

We are told that Jesus, nailed to the cross, quoted the first line of Psalm 22. I cannot help but think that the entire psalm was on his mind then, not just the first line. Facing death, feeling abandoned, he did not stop praising God. My opinion!

Some of you, I know, have lost spouses and children, some quite recently. I know that your hope endures. You, and others like you, are the ones I lean against, the ones who hold me up.

Others of you make me laugh. You poke fun at me when I get too serious. You, too, hold me up.

Then there’s the guy holding the gun on me, who says “Give me your money!" He, too, holds me up.

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